3 WAYS TO KEEP MOTIVATED NOW: they are mostly free, fast & fun!

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With only eight weeks to go until the C-word (or festive holiday week if you prefer!) plus for many of us the added pressure of shorter daylight hours, this can be a stressful and tired month. The brain and body struggle with insufficient sunlight and cold weather so it is no surprise that comforting food and hiding under a warm blanket watching soporific television have a certain appeal.

Whilst doing that has its place, if you feel that your motivation has taken a dive yet still have things to accomplish in order to have enjoyed a super, successful and satisfying 2017, here are three quick mojivation strategies to help your brain support you to get going again:


1. Do what you need to do to look after you

Rather than scheduling to meet long lost friend John because you “just have to catch up” with him before Christmas (why?), diarise some TLC time for you instead. With work likely to be busier due to end of year deadlines, ensure that all those essential things that you do to look after yourself continue to get prioritised.

It is these basic things (be it sleep, exercise, meditation, grooming, sex…not necessarily in that order!) that provide a foundation to support and nourish you towards peak performance.



2. Go for the daily win

A pattern I’ve noticed with perfectionists and high-achievers is that they over-estimate what they can accomplish each day and consequently when they fail to reach their high standards, motivation and self-esteem drop faster than pumpkin sales in November!

Instead, shorten your to do list and aim to achieve only three to five actions each day. Or start with just one task if things have really spiralled out of control. Doing what you say you are going to do immediately boosts confidence and mojo. Everything else that you get done is then a bonus… and your brain will reward you in the form of boosting neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and good mood (dopamine and serotonin). Plus, as the UK advert says, you will feel “EPIC!”




3. Enjoy accountability and support

Being accountable towards someone else is extremely effective at increasing motivation (even if you do not have a boss or child – unfortunately in some organisations there is little difference!). The brain is wired to be social and perception of status in a group is a key driver of performance and self-esteem.

Mojivation Hack #2 supports your own discernment of this, however making a goal public or having to check in with your progress will support your brain to help you to take the required action, even when you do not feel like it. My clients love the reassurance of agreeing their actions together and knowing that I will be encouraging and cheering them on to achieve their commitments before their next coaching session – and celebrating their ongoing success.

What do you need some extra motivation to complete before the end of 2017? Email me at info@rachelbamber.com and receive a boost!