2nd December: My Body

3rd December: My Family
1st December: Daily Gratitude

02 DECEMBER 2015


Today, I am extremely thankful for my body. I am grateful that it provides me with the ability to move around and do so many of the other things that I have gratitude for. I cannot imagine having another body – it would not feel like ‘me’. However, I am grateful that science (or philanthropic humans) could provide me with some spare and replacement parts should I ever fail my MOT!

My body is in constant communication with my brain. I only seem to notice this when the brain gives me the experiences of pain or pleasure. In fact, my body is home to another smaller brain in my gut. If all the neurons of what is known as the enteric nervous system were bundled together, this second brain would be about the size of what is inside a cat’s head. The messages relayed between my entire gastrointestinal system and brain primarily dictate hunger, a healthy microbial environment and satiety. In addition, these exchanges can create the inner knowing of a gut instinct for when something appears to be not right. Unfortunately, these valuable transmissions can occasionally get overwhelmed by much louder instructions, usually arising from lower down the body especially if my brain has decided that it needs a boost of feel-good hormones and therefore wants to party – immediately.

Comprising of around sixty-percent water, my body is remarkably resilient and able to cope with a lot of stress and abuse. As such, it is not always looked after and cared for in the way that it truly deserves. I frequently expect too much from it and sometimes focus on the things that I would like to change.

Nevertheless, if I really stop to listen to my brain-body communication, my body kindly reminds me of what it needs to get back to its equilibrium and then I don’t want to change anything anymore. Although growing my own gel nails would be rather handy. Especially if they automatically changed colour every three weeks and produced a glittery version just in time for Christmas.





Image: BlueSpecsStudio / ModDessert