21st December: Sex

22nd December: Humour
20th December: My Red Briefcase

21 DECEMBER 2015


Due to advances in technology, it may not be too long before humans start to have relationships with specially designed robots. Indeed, you may think that you are already with one. I know that some people are finding that their digital devices are more responsive.*
Today, I am thankful for sex. Plus, hugs, kisses and everything connected to physical intimacy. Well, maybe not everything! Yes, if you know me well, this is THE gratitude that you have been expecting. Sex is very good for the brain and contrary to popular belief; it all starts inside your head.

I really enjoy helping clients to increase their confidence and get their mojo back plus, work on raising the heat in their relationship. Unfortunately, people are reporting that they are having less sex than ever before and it is no surprise to me that conversely, there is more experience of stress.

Believing that sex can be the answer to most maladies, neuroscience appears to agree. Research studies correlate sex to a decrease in anxiety, increasing neurogenesis (creating new neurons in the brain and improving cognitive function), promoting naturally occurring DHEA, a hormone linked to preventing cell decline with age and overall brain health, as orgasm sends blood flow to over thirty different regions of the brain. Interestingly, orgasm does not seem to be stored in the brain like other memories, which could explain why each one has a novel intensity – we are creating a new experience each time. Thank you, sex!

*Thank you to the Matriarch for the inspiration for this quote.