20th December: My Red Briefcase

21st December: Sex
19th December: Sunshine

20 DECEMBER 2015


Thank you to my red retro briefcase. It has become part of my Brighter Thinking brand and a bit of a trademark. My clients will be familiar with it and jokes about presenting the next UK budget aside, my beloved case accompanies me to the majority of my business appointments.

Initially struggling to think how it relates to brain-friendly peak performance, the elements of certainty and prediction spring to mind. The brain likes to be efficient and make sense of the world by making predictions, as it can save energy and resources with this approach. Also, it rather likes to get its guesses right (which unfortunately is not as often as you might think!). That loud noise behind you could represent a threat to your survival, so it is best to be on alert and prepare to fight, or flight just in case.

Therefore, my familiar red briefcase fulfils a need in the brain for safety and certainty, which we all have in varying degrees. The practical accoutrement helps to ensure that I am in professional work mode. Thank you, red briefcase.