17th December: Travel

18th December: Sport
16th December: Exercise

17 DECEMBER 2015


The brain pays more attention to novel stimuli (especially if it is moving) and as well as good for the heart and soul, exploring new places is like a gentle workout for the brain, promoting the creation of new neural connections and memories.

I am so grateful to my parents who brought out the gypsy in me, when we went travelling on an open-ended ticket driving across continental Europe for the summer holidays. I discovered a love for outside living (camping!) and have extremely fond memories of exploring new countries – and playing in numerous lakes and rivers. The compromise to being able to play in the sun is that perhaps I have seen inside more cathedrals and know more about Catherine de’ Medici than I really need to. My sister and I were dragged (sorry, had “our minds broadened!”) round various buildings of historical and cultural significance. Of course, I appreciate the value of this education now and having travelling adventures, whether for work or pleasure contribute greatly to my overall happiness. Thank you to all the people in the many different countries who have made me feel so welcome. Thank you, travel.

Image: copitchinc.com