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10 DECEMBER 2015


Today, I am very thankful for my wonderful team. Knowing that hours wasted perfecting the formatting of documents or learning how to use complicated online business systems are time well spent by those that relish the challenge of the machine (in preference to working with people!), I am delighted that my team has expanded rapidly over the last eighteen months.

Working with your strengths is the most efficient and pleasurable approach and my clients will be familiar with my advocating this. Yes, I could learn how to use X system / programme, however if there is someone who absolutely loves it and it is one of their skills, it makes sense on all levels that they are given that role. This is not just about saving time and money in business; this applies to the family team too. Unnecessary stress ensues when particular members of the family are given the Christmas card writing task to complete (“because I always do it”). Instead, it is far better to encourage their help with an activity that requires mastering some new and exciting gadget or machine, especially if their best friend has not got one!

Teams comprising of both men and women are linked to improved problem-solving and innovation, leading to increases in overall organisation performance and revenue. In addition to gender and cultural diversity, I would argue that mixing naturally pessimistic and optimistic mindsets is essential for the successful boardroom too. Often leaders can make the mistake of hiring people that are very similar to them and disastrous results follow. However, this is an easy error caused by our brains. The human brain is hardwired to more likely to trust others who it perceives are like us, especially in physical looks and background. Not surprisingly these findings from brain scans are not being promoted as much as others, for obvious and rather uncomfortable reasons.

So a BIG thank you to everyone who contributes to Brighter Thinking from my cleaner to the implementers, Board of Non-Executive Directors, coaches and mentors. You know who you are. Thank you, team.

Image: glasbergen.com