• Are you working 24/7?

  • Is your relationship suffering?

  • Do you feel that you have lost your mojo?

  • Are you in the public eye or a high profile leader?

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You are likely to be in the public eye or a high profile leader with a lot of responsibility – and not much time.

Happy at work, you are driven and very goal-focused. Not so happy at home, you find it hard to relax and find balance. Perhaps, you are not looking after yourself as well as you could, there are some extra pounds to shift, you are coping with stress with alcohol and you do not feel quite as sexy as you used to.

We will work together to support you to have more work-life balance, reduce stress and achieve brain-friendly peak performance so that you have new strategies that you have tested – and can share with your team. With your mojo back, you will be leading more effectively, coping better under pressure, communicate in a way that gets faster results and have increased confidence.

We will meet for two hours every month so that you can take time out to focus on you and achieving your overall vision. You will learn the latest strategies to enhance your leadership based on neuroscience and be boldly challenged and held accountable to make changes so that you get what you want.


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I like to think of myself as a motivated, high achieving individual – but was feeling like I’d hit a
ceiling and needed assistance in moving to the next level. As a result of my coaching with Rachel, I
now hold a more fundamental leadership role within the company, enjoy a number of much-improved
relationships at work, and generally find myself a calmer and more relaxed person – which, in turn,
has done wonders for my golf game!

Daniel BeverlyTechnical Project ManagerLondon

Work wasn’t fun anymore and I was not sure where I wanted to go career-wise. I desired passion
back in my work and to know the options 6 years out. I wanted someone to challenge me and help
me talk through the process. I also required someone to help me take a step back and re-examine
things. Now, I feel more comfortable that I am on the right path and that I have done a good job at
getting myself to that path.

(wishes to remain anonymous)Vice-President, insuranceUSA

Like many working mothers, I was trying to be all things to all people and Rachel helped me
reposition my expectations of myself and concentrate upon the most important. I increased my
salary, moved home and considerably improved my fitness over the course of two series of

M.AdamsDirector, public sectorBucks

My life has really turned around and I cannot believe I was that girl crying as I retold the story of my
boss to you last year, in 2014. With you I was able to free myself from a lot of the things that were
keeping me down. At the end of our sessions, I said that I felt like me again – energised and
confident, back with my can-do attitude. This is still the same now, nine months later!

Milly JamesAccount Director, design agencyLondon