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  • Get more done faster and with less stress

  • Do you wish you had more time?

  • Are you stressed out with a never ending to-do-list?

  • Would you like to feel more in control?

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Life has piled up quite literally around you, with clutter and unfinished projects sapping your energy. You know that you need to do something about it all, however you are feeling drained and just don’t have the time. You are always ‘on’ – tethered to your handheld or other technology, and cannot seem to switch off – yourself, or your devices. Struggling to say no to the demands on your time, or to delegate tasks, you are out of control and definitely last on your list of things to take care of.

We will work together to overcome procrastination, eliminate what is holding you back, complete tasks, put yourself first and learn Rachel’s brain-friendly strategies to work with your brain and feel much better about yourself in the process. As a result, you will get more done – faster and with less stress and have more fun.

For a significant transformation, we will meet for either one hour every week or fortnightly so that you quickly shift from overwhelm to being energised and in control.


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I contacted Rachel for help with the direction that my business was taking, as well as getting
assistance with more general planning in my work and personal life. When we first met, I was unsure
exactly what I wanted, so this initial time was essential for Rachel to help me identify my own needs
and set some clear and measurable goals. Half way through our sessions, a very simple example of a
job I had put off doing at home suddenly gave a very clear picture of how I could apply planning to
the rest of my working life and we had cracked two of my three goals. I finished my final session in a
completely different frame of mind to three months previously, very positive about my future and
confident that I can continue in the same vane without the regular weekly meetings with Rachel.

Adam FindlayFounder, Adam Findlay Furniture

I was not taking care of myself, was highly stressed and motivation was gone. This was impacting
my home life. I needed to let go, find inner peace and relaxation and appreciate and love me for
who I am. Once this was done other parts in my life clicked in the right way. Following a 12 week
coaching series with Rachel, I feel a totally new person and I feel good about myself. I enjoy life.
Having reached all 3 goals means that Rachel is worth 100%.

Mari HimankaCommercial Performance DirectorFinland

I was feeling overwhelmed by all the demands on my time: I was trying to start a new business,
whilst earn income through part-time consultancy and look after two small children under age three.
Feeling like the days were not long enough, I was exhausted and generally felt guilty whatever I was
doing! I was also driving myself as hard as I did before becoming a mother, underestimating and
undervaluing the time it takes to run a household and bring up children. Rachel challenged me to
realise that striving for perfection was getting in the way of enjoying life. I now set myself more
realistic goals and am able to feel a sense of achievement, instead of failure at the end of each day.
My levels of stress are significantly reduced and my general health has also improved.

Celine McKeownConsultantBrighton

I was looking for some support to get some control on my ‘out of control’ work life – too many lists
and demands on my time that I was finding hard to manage. It was making me physically exhausted,
yet I was still trying to fulfill every request on my time without being able to say no. Rachel helped
me simplify my confused and tired brain. Whereas I felt, before coaching, that I couldn’t cope, she
helped me identify the real issues and develop strategies to manage them and a series of prompts to
keep myself on track. Her help was invaluable and her energy and positivity really helped me find my
way through the problem and out the other side.

Catherine ConwayOwner, Unpackaged
(Winner: Social Business Leader, Women’s Social Leadership Awards 2011)