• Are you stuck and not sure which direction to take?

  • Would you like to have more clarity?

  • Are you fearful of taking the next step?

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You may have taken redundancy and either want to change career completely or start a business and work for yourself. However, your confidence has been knocked and you are in need of some courage and self-belief.

Worried about making the right decision, you want to explore some options and gain clarity on where your life is heading, so that you can get going.

We will work together to increase your confidence, establish your vision and support you to make the decisions that will ensure that you are happier more of the time. Having achieved clarity you will take powerful action to move forward and make it happen.

We will meet for either one hour every week or fortnightly so that you move from stuck to progress fast.


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Knowing that I was working in the wrong role prior to redundancy, I was feeling unclear on how to
find the kind of work/role that I can be passionate about and uncertainty about the marketability of
my skills and in what direction I should go. I needed to develop clarity of purpose and to increase
my self-confidence, self-belief and have support in making changes. I achieved much more in terms
of business and personal development in a short period of time with Rachel than I would ever have
done alone. My goals were focused and the path towards achieving them became clearer.

Caroline BanksConsultant, CBDCLondon

I first approached Rachel having heard about the great work she did with my wife’s health and
fitness company. I wanted to start my own photographic business alongside my career as an actor. I
had been trying to get it off the ground for some time, but lacked focus, direction and the confidence
needed to do it. Rachel was instrumental in giving me a structure from which to work, opened up
many possibilities for me and gave me the drive to launch my new enterprise with confidence.
Rachel’s insights on both a personal level (realising my potential, my own confidence) were reconciled
with the setting up of practical and effective goals in order to achieve what I wanted. This included
identifying what I wanted out of my career(s) and my life. Not only is this helping me achieve a
career as a photographer, but it is also feeding in to my career as an actor. Rachel was extremely
empathetic and continues to feed her natural verve in to helping me even after our sessions have
now finished! She has a genuine interest and desire to facilitate success and I am extremely grateful
for her guidance and instruction.

Jonathan WratherOwner, Wrather PhotographyLondon

Prior to the coaching sessions, I had a certain amount of confusion in my head regarding what
direction my future career should take, which was exacerbated by feelings of self doubt and low self
esteem. The experience has taught me to believe in myself and my abilities, trust my instinct and
how to handle confusing thoughts and doubt. It has left me with a renewed enthusiasm for the new
direction my life is taking and empowered me to take (and be) in control.​
I found Rachel to be perceptive of the key issues and able to get to the nub of the problem quickly.
She helpfully challenged me on my conclusions, was able to find order and instil confidence. Rachel
is professional yet relaxed, with an approachable manner and an excellent listener.

Gino RoccoLondon

I was unsure of what to do or where to go generally. I was unable to think clearly and felt a loss of
control. I lacked confidence and self-belief. I needed to have the confidence to make a life changing
decision – to leave my husband and to go for the Head of Department role I had been too scared to
take; and to realise that I did know how to do things, that I could rely on myself.
As a result from having coaching with Rachel, I became Head of the Fashion Department, which
meant more money, so that I could afford to move out; as well as being beneficial to my career. I
left my relationship, which has shown me I can do it alone – in fact people are asking me how I did it
now! So the tables have turned somewhat! Friends say I seem happier and more confident than
ever. I feel more relaxed in myself and in control.

Helen Walterformer Head of Fashion, Auctioning4U