FUEL YOUR SUCCESS WITH FEAR: act on the feeling

There are now less than 100 days until the end of the year: 84 until the C-word. Have those two thoughts triggered some anxiety? If so, what is the reason? Do you suddenly feel a sense of urgency as the year is nearly up and you still have loads that […]

UP LEVEL TO EVEN GREATER SUCCESS: make every area count!

Welcome to the start of the “new term” as this time of year is affectionately known. It is not just me, is it? I have written previously about my excitement towards buying a new pencil case and stationery… the drab, grey uniform was less fun though! Unsurprisingly, with so much […]

5 REASONS WHY YOU DESERVE A HOLIDAY: deserve is the right word!

If you live in the UK and rest of Western Europe, the last few months have probably felt like a constant holiday with a continual heat wave as we finally get to experience what it is like to live in California or Australia, waking up to hot 30C+ and blue […]

THE TEAM IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS LEADER: & 14 other strategies for winning

I’m gripped by the mens’ World Cup 2018 football, so much so that I have not watched any other television since it began. The entertainment, the drama, the skill, the fans, the muscles, the new haircuts for each match… shall I go on? The tournament is definitely designed with the […]

YOUR HALF-YEAR CHECK-IN: 7 Qs to celebrate your adventure so far

Yes, we are now in the sixth month of 2018 so halfway through. Eek! How is 2018 shaping up for you? If you are experiencing the sense that time is whizzing by and that this year may be getting a little out of control, you are not alone. In the […]

ARE YOU BEING THE REAL YOU? Challenge your integrity

Have you wondered about whether you are actually being who you think that you are? Does your perception of who you are as a person match how you are thinking, feeling and behaving? So much of our life is on auto-pilot that it is easy to gradually step away from […]


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