Your body never lies; however, this is not always true. There are instances where it does give erroneous messages to the brain, which consequently cause you to stop an activity, when you could keep going, if you wanted to. The key part here is desire. No, not that kind of […]

THE NEXT STEP: where focusing on feelings = action

The bell for the last lap of the 2020 marathon has just sounded and Quarter 4 has begun! What are your thoughts about this? Is it something like “I just want this year to be over. I cannot wait until 2021 is here and can start afresh” or “There’s 12 […]

BAGS, THE NEW YORK GIANTS & FISH: a simple strategy for success

Sometimes it is the tried and tested reliable formula that guarantees goal achievement. Planning ahead and taking habitual action so that you exceed your weekly and monthly targets exemplifies this brilliantly. You may believe, like me, that your level of competence at advance preparation, is entirely task dependent, or that […]

NVC virtual team

THE LOCKDOWN LEADER: focus on ‘in group’ development

A day of online video meetings is potentially more exhausting, than face-to-face. Communicating virtually is more difficult, as unlike the body language available when we are in the same room, there are limited non-verbal cues to decipher. We therefore find it harder to sense the other person too. Perhaps, being […]

THERE IS NO GOING BACK: focus on moving forward instead

Whilst understandably the first half of 2020 may not necessarily be rated as one of the best six months to any year, I hope that you have found lots of things in your life to be grateful for and perhaps, developed new interests and enjoyed different work opportunities. As Lockdown […]

COMPARISONS ARE FUTILE: chart your own course

I have not learnt a new language. I have not read the complete works of Shakespeare either.  Nor have I taken the Lockdown opportunity to master baking sourdough bread.*  However, as The BF proclaimed, according to social media: “you will come out of Lockdown either as a chunk, hunk or […]


  • “As a result of only six sessions with Rachel (From Crossroads to Clarity), I have renewed energy and focus and ultimately a career changing decision was made!”

  • “Rachel’s understanding of Neuroscience,her team coaching and training capabilities as well as her personal engagement brought the programme to another level. I can strongly recommend Rachel as coach and trainer.”

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