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FOCUS ON SUCCESS: 3 easy questions to train your brain

“You are doing better than you think you are” is something that I frequently remind my coaching clients. Unfortunately, we can get used to metaphorically beating ourselves up on a regular basis and forget just how much progress we have made – and all of our wonderful talents and skills. […]

NEW SEASON, NEW ENERGY: leverage this special time of year

Renowned as the “September feeling”, there is a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. Refreshed with renewed energy following the holiday season, it is as if the new term is starting and our ambition and focus reignites. Evidence from research concludes that changes are far more likely […]

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CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION: rewire your brain with new thinking

Think of a banana. Depending on your previous experience of this edible fruit, whether actual memories or someone telling you about it, this will determine what neural pathways are activated in your brain. For example, you may think of the colour yellow, the smell, the shape, banoffee cheesecake, monkeys, or […]

INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS & LOWER STRESS: the top 3 actions recommended to my corporate leader clients

Coaching corporate leaders and managers in organisations around the world gives me an insight into the values, culture and leadership ethos of those in charge. Despite being in different countries, there seems to be little difference in the lack of life balance and effectiveness (especially in meeting scheduling) and therefore, […]

DO NOTHING MORE: 5 benefits for your success

Two years ago, I shocked the conference audience in Germany encouraging them to not always be focusing the mind, but also to let it wander and daydream. This was during my presentation about mindfulness and therefore, leading them through a daydreaming exercise was counter-intuitive to what they were expecting! I […]

ARE YOU DOING IT? Actions speak louder than words

“You don’t know it, until you do it” is frequently featured in my opening statement when presenting on stage. As you are an intelligent human being (and Brighter Thinker!), you potentially know a multitude of different subjects. Yet despite this vast knowledge there are probably things that you know contribute […]


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