consistency attracts succcess


12 weeks, 84 days, Q4. Whichever term you prefer (or prefer not to think about!), the 2021 finish line is now in sight. With this clear deadline that the brain and conscious mind can easily comprehend and visualise, suddenly there can be a lot more action and speed of execution […]

Frank Skinner


With one decisive, confident step he appeared on stage, suddenly, and with presence. This was obviously not the first time that he had done this. As he appreciated the enthusiastic applause, he looked as if he was in his element. Because with over thirty years success and experience, he clearly […]

stack of questions

THE DECISIVE QUESTION: go from stuck to in flow again – fast!

If you knew what to do, you would do it, right? How often do you deliberate all sorts of different scenarios and choices and feel that you remain stuck because you cannot make the “right” decision? You know that once the preference has been selected then everything will be okay […]

half time team motivation

THE HALF-TIME WHISTLE: here’s your pep talk

The elite athlete that can access their decision-making capabilities and make split-second decisions under pressure will outperform those who rely on others to constantly instruct them during the match – or game of life. They can think for themselves. They have also created their own systems and checklists to maintain […]

Red stiletto shoes

THE COACH, THE SHOES AND A FROG: a 2021 fairy-tale!

“They have gone up by a size and a half?” I looked at the woman measuring my feet with incredulity and back down at my right foot encased in the tool that had led to this result. Apparently, it is due to potential spreading of the feet as we age, […]

concept for procrastination

WHAT DO YOU ALREADY KNOW? Take action on it now!

“You knew that five years ago” I overheard a sister say to her brother in a shop last week. Apart from the obvious excitement and novelty at being in a retail establishment which did not sell food* (!), the words immediately struck a chord. How many things did we know […]


  • “As a result of only six sessions with Rachel (From Crossroads to Clarity), I have renewed energy and focus and ultimately a career changing decision was made!”

  • “Rachel’s understanding of Neuroscience,her team coaching and training capabilities as well as her personal engagement brought the programme to another level. I can strongly recommend Rachel as coach and trainer.”

  • “Good things happen when Rachel is in your life!”