THERE IS NO GOING BACK: focus on moving forward instead

Whilst understandably the first half of 2020 may not necessarily be rated as one of the best six months to any year, I hope that you have found lots of things in your life to be grateful for and perhaps, developed new interests and enjoyed different work opportunities. As Lockdown […]

COMPARISONS ARE FUTILE: chart your own course

I have not learnt a new language. I have not read the complete works of Shakespeare either.  Nor have I taken the Lockdown opportunity to master baking sourdough bread.*  However, as The BF proclaimed, according to social media: “you will come out of Lockdown either as a chunk, hunk or […]

BREAK FOR YOUR BRAIN: avoid Lockdown burnout

“I’m working even longer hours than before” is what many of my executive coaching clients are lamenting right now. The switch from office to home has created even less of a work boundary. As online meetings have increased to quite literally back-to-back all day, there is little time to get […]

FINDING YOUR NEW ‘NORMAL’: How can I help you?

President Trump was right to reprimand the reporter for focusing on the negative during his daily press briefing yesterday. At any time, let alone a time of crisis, concentrating on what is not working or going wrong will not boost morale or foster brain-friendly peak performance.* Choosing to direct attention […]

Team happy at work


When desiring to enhance their success and happiness, plus achieve the covetable skills of brain-friendly peak performance, numerous people (and organisations) make the mistake of initially attempting to fix the wrong things and in the wrong order. For example, it does not matter how brain-friendly you are leading others, managing […]

WORDS ON THE BRAIN: which Q&A are more motivating?

“The meaning of my communication is the response that I get” is a core principle of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which I first learnt, sixteen years ago. Neuroscience has since re-confirmed that all our communication, including our own thinking and words, has an impact on our output, both in terms of […]


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