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THE NEXT STEP: where focusing on feelings = action

The bell for the last lap of the 2020 marathon has just sounded and Quarter 4 has begun! […]

BAGS, THE NEW YORK GIANTS & FISH: a simple strategy for success

Sometimes it is the tried and tested reliable formula that guarantees goal achievement. Planning ahead and taking habitual […]

NVC virtual team

THE LOCKDOWN LEADER: focus on ‘in group’ development

A day of online video meetings is potentially more exhausting, than face-to-face. Communicating virtually is more difficult, as […]


  • “As a result of only six sessions with Rachel (From Crossroads to Clarity), I have renewed energy and focus and ultimately a career changing decision was made!”

  • “Rachel’s understanding of Neuroscience,her team coaching and training capabilities as well as her personal engagement brought the programme to another level. I can strongly recommend Rachel as coach and trainer.”

  • “Good things happen when Rachel is in your life!”